Shakespeare fans haven't had their own unique brand to identify with... until now.

At HARK, we created a modern, casual clothing line that not only shows what what you care about but connects you to the genius of
William Shakespeare.


Your passion for Shakespeare and the experience of theatre - an experience that can't be matched anywhere else - is also our passion. 

HARK clothing is worn by actors and celebrities, by theatre folks and Shakespeare fans. From the rehearsal hall to the beach and from opening night to around the campfire, HARK was built for you. 

Welcome to your tribe. Welcome to HARK Clothing Co. and BardShirts.

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All the world's a stage so wear what you love!

You want cool Shakespeare clothing and we have it for you. 

T's and hoodies, hats and tanks  - and more coolness coming every week.  

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Welcome to your tribe.